How to become a Freemason

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Freemason then there are several options available to you.

If you know someone who is a Freemason, a family member, friend or colleague whom you already know to be a member, it is quite in order for you to talk to them about your interest. Ask them to get you more information, usually via the Lodge Secretary.

You can also read the various booklets on the United Grand Lodge of England web site

You may then in due course be invited to meet a committee of members from a Lodge you might be joining, prior to being balloted for membership of the Lodge.

Why become a Freemason

To find out about Freemasonry – to satisfy curiosity and learn about the history and meanings of Freemasonry.

Self-improvement – to join with like-minded men in becoming a better person through practising the social graces, having common aims and interests without seeking commercial, social or financial advantage.

Self-achievement – a means of developing personal potential by learning from peers and mentors, participating in structured ceremonial activities with dramatic presentations, practising public speaking and taking on leadership roles and responsibilities.

Abiding friendships - social networking, meeting with men (Brothers in Masonry) who share a common philosophy of life and have a shared purpose.

Family – encourage family involvement and support the family unit particularly in times of adversity.